NOV 12, 2018


Trice Angie Christiansen is the Founder of RAAW By Trice. She was born in Denmark but is now based in California.
Learn about her beauty rituals, tips and beauty secrets.



I think I might have been 3 or 4 years old… My mother was getting ready for New Years Eve. She had a french vintage makeup mirror that I was obsessed with. She sat there with curlers in her hair while she polished her long, beautiful nails. I went up to her and sat down on the little makeup bench and I was completely hypnotized by all of the products and jewelry she had on the table. She picked up a perfume with a gold vintage bulb pump and asked if I wanted to spray it on her. This moment is very nostalgic to me and is one of the main reasons I wanted to create a perfume with a bulb pump.


Every morning I gently wash my face with the charcoal oil cleanser Black Moon Drops. I let it sit for a minute and rinse it off in the shower. After I’ve showered I mist my face and body with the Ocean Dew to rejuvenate and wake up my skin with the energizing ginger and ocean botanical infused drops. It is such a lovely beginning to the day and the scent is amazing. On my face I apply the Blue Beauty Drops, let it soak in and then finish with the Laminaria Eye Creme to tighten up puffy skin and tired eyes. At night I rinse off the day by using the Black Moon Drops - I use a muslin cloth to lightly exfoliate and for a deeper cleanse. Then I apply a few drops of Rosehip Facial Oil and a thin layer of Plankton Enzyme Creme on top to lock in the moisture.